7 Reasons You Should Wear Classic Leather Golf Shoes

The Stylish Golfer likes lists.  Most people like lists.  We will provide them often.  Do's. Don't's.  What's fashionable.  What's not.  Whom we'd like to make over.  Whom we admire (for style, not necessarily golf achievements).  Here's our first list:
  1. Because Ben and Arnie wore them.
  2. Because you don't need to spend a pile of money on them.  You certainly don't need fancy Italian shoes. Here, check these out!
  3. Because you don't want to wear sneakers.  Many of today's golf shoes are basically sneakers.  Sure, we sell them.  But The Stylish Golfer doesn't wear them.
  4. Because today's leather golf shoes are made for maximum comfort.  They're not your grandfather's shoes.  Check out the reviews.
  5. Because today's leather golf shoes are more breathable, yet waterproof.
  6. Because today's leather golf shoes are lighter, yet provide more stability and better performance.
  7. Because, well...The Stylish Golfer wears them.



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