A Guide to Dressing Well on the Golf Course (We Hope With Our Apparel!)

It’s important to dress in the correct apparel when going to a country club, or even a daily fee or public course.

Wouldn’t you feel a bit weird showing up at a country club, dressed for bed? Or a wedding? It is most important for you to know the dress code of a country club, especially if you are planning to step up to the tee with your business associates or coworkers.

Many country clubs prefer you to be in the right apparel before hitting the golf course. Thankfully, just a few, simple style tips will help you dress well and appropriate when you step up to stun to your friends and colleagues on the golf course. 

The Right Shirts

When picking your golf apparel, you may want to start with a decent shirt that fits you properly and looks clean. Players are expected to be wearing shirts with collars by many clubs so it would be best to avoid wearing t-shirts or v-necks. To be more accurate, make sure that the sleeves of your collared shirt are three-quarters of the way to your elbow. This feature is essential as it can affect your swing if it is down to your elbow.

Furthermore, remember to keep your shirt tucked in. If your shirt is hanging out of your pants, it will make you look very informal and careless which doesn’t blend with the overall country club apparel. If you plan to wear a crew neck sweater over your shirt and want a neat look, tuck your collar into the top of your sweater.

The Right Trousers

Remember to keep the bottom of your trousers slightly touching the top your shoes when putting them on. If the trousers are any higher or lower, they may interpret that they don’t fit properly. On the other hand, if you wish to wear shorts, then make sure that they fall right above your kneecaps or else, your swing may be affected if they are any higher or lower. In addition to this, pants tend to fall lower as you play, and if they are already too long, you may end up tripping over.

If you are unable to decide the type of pants to wear, you can always go with a good old’ pair of khakis. Khakis can match with almost any shirt and will make you look neat and tidy. Do not wear any athletic shorts or jeans which you may find too casual according to the country club’s dress code.

The Right Fit

It’s best to choose a garment that fits you snugly if you are wearing outerwear or rain wear. Wearing anything over size will only restrict you from swinging freely. Wearing something that fits you is essential for any golf apparel, but it is even more essential if you plan to wear outerwear because of the effect it can have on your game. However, wearing baggy outerwear will make you look informal wherein a perfectly fit jacket will make you look neat and tidy. So dress nicely and don’t forget to have fun playing golf!  -TSG



  • The Stylish Golfer: December 09, 2020

    We may do that! We’re always looking for ideas.

  • Tim: December 09, 2020

    How about putting up complete suggested outfits head to toe. So if someone wants to build an outfit and has a certain shirt or pair of pants they can look up that article of clothing in a certain color (navy shorts or pants for example) and see the shirt, belt, shoes, and hat (or vest and pullover options in certain times of year) that match that piece according to The Stylish Golfer. I know I’m terrible at matching and hesitate at times to buy new things because I don’t know if they will match what I have. Just an idea…

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