Four Things to Look for in a Golf Polo Shirt

Sure. You want a good looking shirt. That's a given. And most of the golf apparel companies offer plenty of them. But you also want comfort and performance. That means breathability and moisture wicking. Flexibility is important. And these days, UPF protection is a must.

Breathability and moisture wicking are related. The better a shirt wicks moisture, the more breathable it will be. The point is to stay cool and dry in scorching and humid heat. Wicking means drawing sweat to the surface of the shirt, where it can evaporate more quickly. That will promote breathability. For flexibility, you can't beat four-way stretch for maximum freedom of movement. Four-way stretch means it will stretch across and lengthways.

UPF stands for ultraviolet protection factor, similar to a sunscreens's SPF.  A typical cotton tee shirt offers only about UPF 5. That means 20% of the sun's rays will penetrate it. Polyester provides better protection than natural fibers. Look for UPF 50 in a golf shirt. Probably overkill, but it's common to find. Cotton shirts (like this one) still feel better. There was a day when performance cotton was an oxymoron. But cotton polos are being made today with the latest technology. Cotton polos that do a good job with moisture wicking are not hard to find today. Breathability, moisture wicking, flexibility, and UPF -- those are the four things to look for.



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