Forget About Golf Hoodies: What About Striped Track Pants?

Harry Truman used to refer to State Department officials as "the striped pants boys." European golf sensations Viktor Hovland and Matt Wallace, #14 and #49 respectively in the World Golf Ranking, are the new striped pants boys, bringing track stripes to the game of golf. Both golfers have appeared in tournaments this year wearing J.Lindeberg pants with the track stripes. (We would have predicted that Adidas would have their golfers wear striped pants first. 

Bernhard Langer revolutionized the look of golf shoes by sporting a pair of triple striped Adidas shoes when he won the Masters in 1993. The company had a long history in track and field. Jesse Owens wore Adidas shoes in the 1936 Olympics. (Ironically, Adidas is a German company, and its three stripe logo was adopted by Adidas founder Adolf Dassler.) Adidas was elbowing its way into the golf shoe, then apparel, market, The popularity of Adidas shoes was one step  toward golf looking like other sports. But it's a done deal for golf. The game's look is resembling other sports. Our store carries these athletic looking Adidas shoes and other three striped golf products.

Then came the hoodie.  The hooded sweatshirt to be more descriptive. Tyrell Hatton wore it while winning a European Tour event. Rory McIlroy further popularized it. Again, Europeans were leading the trend. And the trend was bringing golf closer to other sports in terms of its attire.

Our Opinion...

How does The Stylish Golfer feel about striped track pants in golf? Meh. There are two things golf fashion should avoid: 1) Clothing that is an eyesore. That's why we're not fans of John Daly's Loudmouth pants. 2) Clothing that resembles that of other sports. Golf should remain distinct. You can buy them here. However, we're bigger fans of J.Lindeberg's more traditional apparel and will proudly include those items in our collections.

It's just a matter of time that striped track joggers will be worn on the course by the pros. Phil Mickelson has already worn joggers in a Tour event. High top golf shoes have already arrived on the scene. We don't want golf to resemble track or basketball. Do we really need to adopt this clothing to "grow the game" and attract new golfers? We've been copying European chic fashions since the days of the French salons during our early founding. Folks not much older than The Stylish Golfer remember the "British Invasion" of popular music, led by the Beatles and their mop top haircuts. It's hard to know what will be fads and what will get institutionalized. We hope track pants will be the former.




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