Sure He Can Wear a Hoodie, But Shoudie?

Not too long ago, we tweeted this.  Now we'd like to share some further thoughts.

Tyrell Hatton created a buzz in the golf community when he won the European Tour's BMW PGA Championship at England's tony Wentworth Club while wearing an Adidas hoodie.  It ignited a debate between golf's country club traditionalists and golf's hipper and generally younger crowd.

The two factions went at each other on Twitter, and their tweets were not necessarily as lighthearted as ours. Pro golfer Harold Varner III equated the allowing of hoodies with promoting diversity. Other tweeters considered that a bridge too far.

One tweet said that the hoodie argument establishes that golf is a "stuffy, archaic, exclusionary sport."  Yet others said that clubs have the right to enforce their dress codesHatton brought his hoodie to the even tonier Augusta National but had less opportunity to wear it in the warmer weather.  Rory McIlroy and Justin Thomas have also been seen in hoodies.

The Stylish Golfer’s take?  Good companies make quality golf hoodies.  They aren’t too slovenly.  They approach what you’d call gym clothes, as did Tiger’s famous mock tee.  But let’s draw the line there, shall we?  By not wearing gym clothes, golfers keep their game elevated above others.  But if hoodies attract newer and younger golfers, that’s a good thing.


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