The Stylish Golfer of the Year Award Goes to...

Well it’s that time of year. It’s time to announce the Stylish Golfer of the Year Award. It’s certainly not an Oscar or an Emmy. Or the Vardon Trophy or the Vare Trophy. But it’s the highest honor we can bestow. This inaugural award goes to Lexi Thompson! Outfitted from head to toe by Puma, a brand we admire, Lexi always looks stylish and always impresses with her golf game.

Known for her bright and colorful outfits, she says, "The key to looking stylish is being colorful. I love bright colors out on the golf course. That way, you can see me from everywhere." Television has no trouble picking up Lexi. A large part of Lexi's voguish look is due to her sponsor. Let's not forget too that Lexi has immense talent. She has 11 LPGA Tour wins and took home the LPGA Vare Trophy in 2017 for lowest stroke average.

Puma's Leading the Way

Puma has modernized, jazzed up, and emboldened the looks of golf apparel. On the men's side, Rickie Fowler and Bryson DeChambeau are two of golf's -- and Puma's -- most fashion daring, distinctive looking,  and marketable players. Puma is leading a trend toward casualization in golf, which is controversial. Women are wearing collarless tops and shorter skorts.  Men are wearing hoodies and crew neck pullovers. The Stylish Golfer is agnostic on the issue, seeing the values of tradition but also the need to expand the reach and appeal of the game. One thing is for sure though. This "casual" look is not careless and slovenly. If you wear Puma, you probably care a lot how you look. Lexi obviously does. In our next post, we'll suggest ways to look like her.


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