What Value Does The Stylish Golfer Add to the Golf Customer's Experience?

What exactly is it that The Stylish Golfer does? What service is provided? This can be answered essentially in one word. Curate. The Stylish Golfer puts together collections that golfers may want to shop -- and shop conveniently. Curate means select, organize, present. Art galleries do it. Online as well as brick and mortar retailers do it. Your pro shop does it.

The Stylish Golfer is not a manufacturer. The Stylish Golfer is indeed a middleman. Can you find the products cheaper? Not much cheaper, if at all. If you really want to scour around. The Stylish Golfer operates on razor thin profit margins, to be honest. Here's what you get from this website. Top name brand golf items at price points most golfers can afford. If there's a deal to be had out there, The Stylish Golfer will find it, add a small profit to it, and then offer it to you. Some are closeouts or discontinued lines. But apparel is not like equipment, where a $500 driver becomes a $350 driver halfway through the summer. The performance fabrics are the same. The logos are the same.

The plan is to expand the collections.  Already there is a patriotic golf collection. Junior collections are being filled out. The next collection to be added will be for large golfers. These men are generally called big and tall. These women tend to be called plus-sized. Golf is a sport that can be enjoyed by big people. Very big.  3XL, 4XL, 5XL, and more. Some of these golfers are very good golfers. (The Stylish Golfer has known scratch golfers well over 300 lbs.) But it's hard to find clothes that fit, and for the privilege, big golfers usually get to pay more money. The Stylish Golfer won't do that. The bigger you are, the smaller the profit margin will be. Oh well. That is our service to you.




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