When it Comes to Golf Products: Our Gear is Organized

Ogio is a company known for travel bags and better known to us golfers for golf bags. Did you know that the company’s name is an acronym? It stands for Our Gear is Organized. Our gear certainly is organized. We've gone to great lengths to organize our collections in ways logical to the typical golfer and make our website easy to navigate.

Michael Pratt, founder of Ogio, was at the gym when he realized that his duffel bag was like every other. It had a zipper and a cavernous space in the middle of the bag. The bag's design was not conducive to keeping items well organized. Pratt took the bag home and started contemplating improvements to it. He designed such features as a compartment for a water bottle with an elastic opening, for instance. Since then Ogio (picked up by Callaway in 2017) has been an innovator in backpacks; travel bags; bags for varied sports such as bicycling, skiing, surfing, skateboarding, BMX; and, of course, golf bags.

For Golf Nuts Who Like to Walk

The Stylish Golfer is a big fan of Ogio golf bags because they promote walking. Their bags are of, by, and for walking golfers. Between the innovations of Ogio and Sun Mountain, the walking bag has become distinct from the cart bag. The stand bag was introduced in 1986, followed by the dual straps feature. Stand bags (not Sunday bags) have gotten to be as light as 2.5 lbs., although most are closer to 4 lbs. 


The Ogio Shadow Fuse 304 Stand Bag that we offer comes in at 4.2 lbs. It also comes in at $139.95!  It's made of 200D polyester ripstop fabric for extra durability. For a golfer who logs a lot of rounds, bags don't seem to last more than a season. (The Stylish Golfer recalls many a bag that was junked after a short life.) This one will last. The bags undergo an extensive battery of tests. The straps and handles get "jerked" by a 30 lb. weight 50,000 times by a "jerk machine." The bag gets dropped on its stand 50,000 times as well. The material is UV tested to prevent fading over time. The bags are subjected to heat and freezing tests. Finally, the zippers receive rigorous testing to make sure they'll stay in tact and functional.

Ogio completely overhauled the design of the straps in order to improve weight distribution, balance, and custom fit adjustability.  The Shadow Fuse 304 has also has stash pockets for your water bottle and cell phone or range finder that you can access midstride!  The Stylish Golfer this season purchased a Titleist 4 stand bag with pro shop credit for being on a winning local member-guest tournament team. (Yes, the Stylish Golfer can occasionally play a bit.)  The pro shop didn't carry Ogio bags. We'll see how it holds up.



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