Why Should You Subscribe to The Stylish Golfer?

First of all, why subscribe to anybody? When those pop-ups show up on the e-commerce site you're browsing, what's the deal?  Well, sometimes it's a drawing. Sometimes it's a discount for 5, 10, 15, or even 20 percent off. Generally that's for the first order. You are promised updates on their deals, which can be useful. But...

Many companies send out follow up or marketing emails to their lists. Every. Single. Day. Some of these companies send them more than just once a day! Some of our competitors do that. And the emails are very sensational looking. Very busy looking. Getting initial traffic is an investment in advertising on Google or Facebook. The giveaway to entice subscribers is an investment. But then after that, email campaigns are basically free. A low cost per month app makes the campaign very easy to manage. It's easy to see why it's so appealing to e-commerce companies.

The Stylish Golfer will be different about email marketing. Your inbox will not get inundated with crap. We'll send out emails judiciously, relatively infrequently, and only when we have attractive new deals. And you can always unsubscribe. 



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