About Us

About The Stylish Golfer:

A few short years ago, a golf fanatic, much like yourself, was struck by a photograph.  It was a picture of Ben Hogan and Arnold Palmer from the 1966 Masters.  They were wearing blue cardigan sweaters, pleated trousers, and all-black leather shoes. So stylish. So inspiring.  That was the moment when The Stylish Golfer was born. 
There’s a pendulum swing in every art form.  And make no mistake, golf apparel is an art form.  Golf is approaching the end of its loud, garish baroque period.  But the return of classic style doesn’t have to mean dull clothes. Far from it!  One’s tastes can be bold, yet refined.
The Stylish Golfer endeavors to be a discerning and fashionable athlete.  The Stylish Golfer is also a new and exciting online store, offering a carefully curated collection of timeless golf apparel with graceful elegance.  And, finally, it’s a blog devoted to all things fashionable in the realm of golf. 

Today’s high tech performance fabrics and materials have revolutionized the golf apparel industry, and we carry these products.  We represent, therefore, a mixture of classic and modern.  Golf apparel needs to look good.  But it also needs to be practical.

Our Mission:

The Stylish Golfer’s mission is to bring back the traditional styles that once perched golf on a pedestal above all other sports, and to offer these styles at various price points.  As much as The Stylish Golfer is not a fan of the mulligan, it’s apparent that much of the golf world needs a fashion mulligan. 

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